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    With a Certificate in Advanced Graduate Studies in Psychotherapy from Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis, I have over 20 years of experience in the field. Throughout my career I have specialized in group, couples and family therapy working with every age group and needs from trauma, depression, anxiety, life transitions, substance abuse, domestic violence, LGBTQIA+ and beyond.

    I have also collaborated with the Departments of Mental Health, Children and Families and Developmental Services as well as the family and probate court systems throughout my career. Providing in school counseling in the Nashua, Woburn and Lynn Public School systems to students needing support to be successful in school.

    I am very passionate about my work and helping to support everyone along their clinical journey. I believe that just like each individual that crosses my path everyone is different and therapy isn’t cookie cutter in how it works. My unique approach makes everyone feel like they are able to open up and get to the heart of their issues without judgment. My priority is to create a genuine therapeutic relationship and actively support my clients throughout the process. I also believe that at times using humor (when appropriate) can be incredibly beneficial. Credentials: Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies in Psychotherapy & Masters of Arts in Psychoanalysis

    My two favorite quotes are, “you get out of it what you put into it”& “fall down 8, get up 9.”

    I am currently working on completing my LMHC independent licensure.

    I am avid traveler and diehard Red Sox fan which means I am slowly getting to every major league baseball field in America and beyond.