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  • Katie

    Katie (she/her) is an enthusiastic and driven mental health professional who aims to empower others. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at William James College with a concentration in Health and Behavioral Medicine and holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Bard College. Her academic career nurtured an interest in human rights, and gender and sexuality, in addition to clinical interests.

    She found her passion for this line of work after being part of her college’s hotline where she assisted peers in crisis. Relationship violence, assault, depression, anxiety, and sexual identity were common areas of concern addressed by this role. She also has a passion for working with children as previous roles as a preschool teacher and teacher’s aide allowed her to experience the importance of play in developing a child’s social and emotional growth. Beyond working with youth, she assisted a diverse population of adults as a community health worker in Albany, NY. There, she navigated community resources to address disparities in health and social determinants, which influenced how an individual received primary care.

    Katie strives to have each individual feel seen as complete and worthy. Everyone needs help in their lives, and therapy is a journey in realizing our own self-worth. She hopes to create a welcoming environment for all ages and individuals regardless of their past. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, Katie hopes to connect with those figuring out, or having concerns with sexual identity, and give them the tools to promote their own self-confidence and autonomy. Overall, she aspires to form meaningful connections with clients and have a positive impact on an individual’s therapeutic experience.

    Outside her professional journey, Katie enjoys working through her growing to-be-read pile and baking new treats. Additionally, she appreciates being outdoors whether it is hiking, being in the water, or sitting out in the sun. For self-care, she likes to journal, and this is also where she keeps track of the best movies and shows she has watched this year.