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    Ilannah (She/Her)

    Outpatient Clinician, PsyD in Clinical Psychology Student

    Ilannah is a compassionate and enthusiastic professional dedicated to providing heartfelt care to diverse and underserved communities. Her academic journey began with a BA and MA in Psychology from The New School, and she is currently on her way to completing her PsyD in Clinical Psychology at William James College in Newton, Massachusetts. Throughout her studies, she has been deeply influenced by multiculturalism, cultural competency, and social reform, aspiring to effect positive change both within and beyond the therapeutic realm.

    Drawing inspiration from feminist theory and person-centered ideology, Ilannah strives to create a holistic therapeutic environment that caters to each individual’s unique needs. She firmly believes in the power individuals possess to cultivate their best selves and endeavors to inspire others to embrace and embody this concept through her compassionate insight and guidance.

    With experience in school and community-based settings, Ilannah has worked with adolescents and adults navigating the challenges of higher education and major life transitions. Additionally, she actively engages in research and is currently contributing to publications in collaboration with The New School’s SexTech Laboratory, exploring desirability politics and the remapping of social norms during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Ilannah’s true passion lies in ensuring the accessibility and effectiveness of therapy. She has devoted her academic and professional journey to discovering the best approaches to mental health care and literacy, especially for individuals who may be new to or skeptical about therapeutic practices. She firmly believes that everyone possesses the potential for personal growth and aims to cultivate a nurturing environment in which her clients can explore this journey together.

    Beyond her professional endeavors, Ilannah finds solace in reading and meditating outdoors, honing her crocheting skills, and indulging in marathon sessions of extremely long TV shows. She emphasizes the significance of self-care and dedicates time to replenishing her own well-being, just as she strives to support and uplift others in their paths to growth and healing.