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    Michelle has studied and worked in the mental health field for almost 10 years. She is an outpatient clinician at Leading Light Behavioral Health, and she is pursuing her Psy.D. at William James College in clinical psychology. She earned her Master’s from the Harvard Graduate School of Education in human development and education with a concentration in early childhood and her Bachelor’s from Boston University in psychology. Michelle is passionate about working with the youth population and has worked in various settings with diverse populations to maximize her learning experience. She has been evaluating elementary school-aged children at MIT using psychoeducational assessments to assess cognition and learning comprehension. She has worked on an inpatient psychiatric unit where she supported and educated patients on healthy coping skills, crisis intervention, stress management, and emotion control. She has also worked with young children diagnosed with Autism where she conducted ABA therapy. Given her experiences, Michelle believes in empowering clients by recognizing their strengths and helping individuals reach their goals through empathy and psychoeducation.