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  • Madyna Rancifer

    Madyna Rancifer is a Licensed Mental Health Clinician, Licensed Social worker, with certificates in Trauma and substance abuse. She obtained her bachelor’s in psychology at Rhode Island College and went on to earn her Masters in mental health at Cambridge College. Madyna speaks three languages including English, Haitian Creole and French. She has a wealth of experience working with individuals and families covering a host of needs including substance abuse, DV, depression, anxiety PTSD and so on. She has worked for the Department of Children and Families for the last 7yrs and has worked at Lifespan in their emergency rooms completing emergency psychiatric evaluations for adults and children. She enjoys working with families and the youth. She is invested in the wellbeing of others and seeks to support her clients in their journey to be their most authentic selves. She believes we call have it in us to achieve self-actualization and become the best version of ourselves. She understands that sometimes with life’s stressors, clients may need support getting there. She uses empathy, active listening, motivational interviewing, CBT and other tools, skills to meet clients where they are and journey with them to where they are looking to get to.