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    Kyler has a master degree in Mental Health Counseling and is currently studying for his doctorate in Clinical Psychology. Along with being fluent in English and Vietnamese Kyler has had the opportunity to work with a diverse population of clients with varying ages and psychological disorders such as depression, ADHD, anxiety, hallucinations and other mental health disorders. Kyler also has a strong connection to the LGBTQIA+ population by which is held near and dear.

    Kyler utilizes qualities such as empathy, adaptability, patience, interpersonal skills which helped to develop a strong therapeutic relationship with clients. Kyler previously, interned as an in-home therapist which included providing home based behavioral health assessments for children and their families, as well as coaching them in making decisions in crisis and non-crisis situations. In addition, Kyler served as an outpatient clinician that incorporated a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and creative art approach to help individual youth clients.

    These experiences helped Kyler to apply and adapt therapeutic styles and techniques to various populations. These populations include but are not limited to, therapeutic mentoring adolescents, adult coordinator, parenting training skills, family therapy, resource researching, and career counseling.