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    Imani is a guaranteed success story! She is a gentle, compassionate Mental Health Professional. Imani specializes in holistic treatments such as meditation, breathing exercises and physical components such as exercising and dieting. Imani received her Bachelors of Arts in Public Relations from Westfield State University in 2017. She then obtained her Masters of Arts in Human Services i.e Counseling and Life Coaching. Imani has immense experience working with young adults ( college students) as she was a Residence Director for several years. She had worked in high-stress capacities and excels during periods of crisis. Imani is a certified marriage advisor. She is open to recalculating the methods of marriage and family. Imani brings a holistic touch in her services in which she connects the mind, body and spirit to function as one whole. That whole is YOU!

    Imani is prosperous at creating specialized treatment plans to help you achieve and reach your highest potential. Her strengths include, addiction healing, mediation, and trauma. Imani is dedicated to working with all individuals as she sees herself in everyone. Working with Imani is a guaranteed success story!