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    Elise (she/her) is currently pursuing her journey in the mental health field as a master’s candidate in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with a specialization in Art Therapy from Lesley University. Through her continuing education in psychology and counseling, she combines therapeutic techniques with visual arts to create a unique and creative approach to healing through its power of nonverbal expression and cathartic release. Through her extensive work with all age groups addressing anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, disabilities, and neurodivergence, Elise is compassionate in understanding and supporting those with many different kinds of lived experiences. She has a specific interest in helping clients who are living with grief, as it was her introduction to the mental health field, where she worked in multiple bereavement centers supporting children and families. It has since become her passion because grief is a universal experience that needs intricate attention and care to aid individuals experiencing it and ultimately find resilience. Elise utilizes a diverse therapeutic approach that is strengths-based and incorporates person-centered techniques, dialectical behavioral therapy, Mindfulness practices, and the arts to facilitate healing and empowerment. Elise strives to have each individual feel seen and validated for their strength and worth. She hopes to create a welcoming environment for all individuals that is seen as a safe space and provides opportunities for clients to explore and grow.

    Outside of her professional endeavors, Elise can often be found outdoors hiking or walking, and she has taken up a new hobby of practicing yoga. She also enjoys different artistic hobbies, including embroidery, watercolor painting, and beading.