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    Caroline (she/her) is a passionate and empathetic mental health professional, dedicated to uplifting those in need. She is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling with an emphasis on Couples and Family Therapy. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Suffolk University, along with an Associate degree in Psychology from Nashua Community College. Caroline’s academic journey reflects her deep commitment to understanding the human experience, with a special interest in the dynamics of relationships and family systems.

    Caroline’s calling in this field became clear during her time at Girls Inc. of New Hampshire, where she empowered young girls to build resilience and embrace their potential. Her role involved helping them navigate the challenges of adolescence, instilling confidence, and fostering a supportive community. She also worked with immigrants seeking citizenship at the ABCD Parker Hill/Fenway Neighborhood Service Center, where she assisted individuals in accessing vital resources and adapting to life in a new country. This experience broadened her understanding of cultural diversity and the impact of social determinants on mental health.

    As a proud member of the Latinx community, Caroline is particularly passionate about supporting marginalized groups and promoting equity in mental health care. She believes that everyone deserves to feel valued and understood, regardless of their background. This personal connection drives her to create inclusive environments where clients feel safe to explore their feelings and find their own strength.

    Caroline’s counseling approach is centered on compassion and empowerment. She understands that therapy is a journey of self-discovery and personal growth, and she is dedicated to guiding clients through this process. She aims to create a welcoming space where people of all ages and identities can share their stories, address their concerns, and work towards a healthier future. Her work with couples and families is focused on building strong, meaningful connections and helping individuals strengthen their relationships.

    Beyond her professional life, Caroline enjoys reading with a hot cup of coffee and she finds comfort in journaling, where she captures her thoughts and reflects on her day. She also has a growing interest in cooking, and she loves experimenting with new recipes to share with friends and family. These hobbies help her maintain balance and stay grounded, allowing her to bring her best self to her work with clients.